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The DID season is from June 1st to May 31st each season. A DID must be requested for each season.


IFSS will not accept any direct DID request, all requests must be sent by CAHDS

CAHDS will submit DID # requests on the athletes behalf at the beginning of each month. In order to meet this obligation the below form with payment must be submitted by athletes on or before the 26th day of each month



DID explained by IFSS

Most up to date DID list, published by IFSS

Purchasing a DID from CAHDS will define your competing nationality as CANADIAN.  A competitor residing for more than 24 months in a different country than his/her citizen nationality may choose to be considered as a national of his country of residence. If you are not Canadian citizen but reside in Canada for at least 24 month, you may purchase a DID from the Canadian Federation.


Your DID has to be allocated by IFSS prior to any IFSS sanctioned event in order to collect world cup point at that event. To assure your DID request is processed in time, make your demand as soon as possible and no later than two weeks before the first IFSS sanctioned race in which you intend to participate. The DID is only valid once IFSS process it, all is done on volunteer time and there is a delay between when you apply for your DID and when it becomes valid.
Also note that your DID request will not be sent to IFSS if you are not a member of CAHDS.


Collecting World Cup points, therefore obtaining a DID prior to participating in an IFSS sanctioned event, increases your chances to be selected for World Championships.

You need a DID to enter any World Championship. You can apply to represent Canada at world championships without a DID, but will be required to make your demand if selected.


DID Registration Form (CAHDS) - Demande d'enregistrement de DID


Personal Information Personnelle


Agreement - Accord


DID Request - Demande de DID

  • Note that a DID is valid only from the date that payment is confirmed in the IFSS bank account, until the end of the current world cup season (31st May) and will not be retroactive. - Veuillez noter que un DID n'est valide qu'a partir de la date a laquelle le payment est confirme par l'IFSS jusqu'a la fin de la saison en cours (31 Mai) et ne sera pas retoractif.



You will be redirected to paypal (it can take a moment) and should receive a confirmation email with a copy of your form shortly after submitting your DID request, please contact us or try again if you do not receive a copy of your registration.

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