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Your application to CAHDS for IFSS race accreditation

CAHDS is committed to favor the best possible racing scene to all Canadians. IFSS accreditation conditions limits each country to a number of possible accreditation. Canada is limited to 10 accreditation for each class in snow events and 10 accreditation for each class in dryland event.
At IFSS request, in order to guaranty a geographical spread of accredited events and to favor the highest quality races:


CAHDS is preselecting the events to obtain IFSS accreditation in the timeline IFSS has provided. 


IFSS World Cup Accreditation General Conditions, Requirements, And Definitions

We strongly suggest you read over IFSS World Cup Regulation before applying for IFSS accreditation


Take note of the minimum IFSS distances for each class (CAHDS has some minor differences that can be found detailed in the National Championship Guidelines)

Distances per heat

If a Skidog style race of more than one heat does not reach the minimum requirement for each heat, but does reach it for the total event, that class will be considered like a one heat race (Duration factor = 0.8, see § F. above)


All accreditation request for season 2018/2019 must be sent before:

Fall Dryland accreditation application June 15,2018

Winter accreditation application October 1,2018

Spring Dyrland accreditation application  January 8,2019


For National Championships Accreditation requests:

Winter -to be held in the calendar year of 2019 May 31,2018 (extended)

Winter- to be held in calendar year of 2021 May 16,2019

Dryland -to be held in the calendar year of 2019  July 16,2018

Dryland- to be held in calendar year of 2021 July 16,2019

For any questions regarding CAHDS and/or IFSS accreditations please email

Event - Evenement


Request of accreditation - Demande d'accreditation


Organizer Contact Information - Coordonnees Organisateur


Details about event - Details sur l'evenement

  • You will be required to provide trail maps, elevation and mileage. Please email details to - Il vous sera demande de fournir une carte des sentiers, elevations et distances. Veuillez envoyer par email a please email trail map, elevation and mileage to
  • If your event is not recognized by a provincial association you will be asked to provide supplemental information - Si votre evenement n'est pas reconnu par une organisation provinciale on vous demandera de fournir de l'information supplementaire.

CAHDS National Championship




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