Preselected Athletes Winter Season 2015-2016

We are thrilled by the number of Canadians performing on the IFSS World Cup circuit. Here are our forerunners, preselected to participate in the next world Championships in Haliburton.

For an explanation of preselections:

World Cup points tally:


IFSS Preselected Athletes from World Cup 2015/2016 Season (Canadian teams)

Skijoring Women’s 1 Dog
1st Laurence Saucier CA00006
2nd Albine Devinant CA00068
3rd Flavie Morin-Doré CA.00043
Skijoring Men’s 1 Dog
1st Louis Parent CA.00037
2nd Michaël Roux CA.00001
3rd Francis Gélinas CA.00018
Mid Distance 6 Dog Class
2nd Ken Bernard CA.0003
3rd Marco Rivest CA.00073
Sprint Unlimited Class
1st Réjean Therrien CA.00087
2nd Bernard Saucier CA.00069
Sprint 8 Dog Class
1st Jean-René Saucier CA.00029
2nd Yvan Huard CA.00054
3rd Jean Bouvier CA.00051
Sprint 6 Dog Class
2nd Valérie Fuchs CA.00035
3rd Rosalie Morin Doré CA.00047
Sprint 4 Dog Class
Continental Luke Siertsema
Sprint 6 Dog Class Nordic Breed
1st Laurel Turansky CA.00086
3rd Lisa DeGennaro CA.00062
Sprint 4 Dog Class Nordic Breed
1st Laurel Turansky CA.00086


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