Maude Lapointe

Âge/Age : 27

Discipline(s)/Classe(s) : Elite Woman Canicross / Elite Woman Bikejoring

Maude is a Quebec canicross and bikejoring athlete who is passionate about dogs and running. At 17 years of age, Maude found her passion in canicross, along with her loyal fury friend the french spaniel. Since then, canicross and other harnessed dog sports are basically her lifestyle. She competes in different running races without dog and mountain biking races, as well as lots of harnessed dogs sports races in the provincial circuit  in Quebec. As of today, she competed in 5 Canadian championships and 2 WCH, the first in canicross and bikejoring and the second in skijoring. In Poland, Maude is aiming for the podium, for which she is working very hard. In bikejoring, she is aiming for top 10.

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