“Log” your dog


What if your dog is tested by Anti-Doping Personnel (ADP) at an event and what if there is a positive result (Adverse Analytical Finding – AAF) and what if you wish to ‘defend’ by arguing that there was inadvertence on your part through contaminated feed or water?

How would you be able to make that defence? The major way is if you – LOG YOUR DOG. Recording all the foods and supplements that your dog consumes is part of the log. Food bags or supplement labels cut out to show the lot number etc. Then also a small ‘sample’ of each food bag or supplement retained in a proper manner until after a major event at which there might be anti-doping testing and after an all clear on testing.

Why? Of course the reason is that with samples you have the ability to send them to a laboratory to see if there is any contamination that resulted in the AAF. This is clearly more difficult with frozen raw meat products but as an athlete YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for what your dog has ingested. IF you wish to have the ‘defence’ of inadvertence, you will be extremely limited in mounting that ‘defence’ if you have no way of testing your foodstuffs etc.

In a perfect word you might spend the time in advance of feeding a foodstuff to investigate the packing procedure and contents with your manufacturer. Are the standards of satisfactory quality control to protect against contamination? In a perfect world you might send a sample of your foodstuffs (especially raw meat) for testing before using it or at least before a race where testing could occur.

I say ‘defend’ because inadvertence may only be a defence to the length of Consequences (penalty) beyond disqualification from the results at the event and publication of your name. It is not a complete defence.

Know your rules (WADA rules) Know you ‘defences’

Article by Russ Gregory

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