Léonie Morin-Doré

Director Quebec (FQMECA)

Hi everyone! I am from Quebec and I have been initiated to the sleddog world in 2004, during a 1 year journey spent in Alaska. Our team objectives have evolved a lot in the past years, from expeditions to competition! We started racing in 2009, first entering in bikejoring, canicross, skijoring and 4 dog classes. Rosalie and I now own two teams of hound type dogs and focus on developing our young athletes to perform in the 6 dog class. Our younger sister Flavie joined the team, racing mainly in canicross, bikejoring and skijoring. The development of our beautiful sport is one of my priorities and I am involved in CAHDS/ACSCA team since 2014 as well as in FQMECA (Fédération québécoise des mushers et entraîneurs de chiens attelés). Hope to have the chance to meet you soon!


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