Information on meat in Canada regarding growth hormones and antibiotics

This information was provided by Dean Ricard from Mountain Dog Food and shared by Tamara Alicia.

I have some info supplied by a popular Alberta Supplier Mountain Dog Dog Food… Let’s start with hormones:

– NO poultry sold in Canada is fed using hormone enhancers… because they don’t work on poultry.

– Hormone use in red meat (cattle) is controlled and any hormones related to enhanced lactation in milk cattle banned.
– Here is the official statement from AG Canada…/growth_hormones_promoters…
– While approved for use they highly controlled and the synthetic hormone content values of beef sold through CFIA inspected facilities is ZERO
– Here is an informational page regarding their use…
– Unless the product you are buying is CERTIFIED ORGANIC there is no way to confirm the sources.

Now antibiotics:

– This is a more difficult issue to assess as witnessed in this report…/amr-ram_final_report-rapport…
– In general there is a lot of confusion over the difference between low level residual amounts passed through the food chain and amounts that can actually be determined as having efficacy to enhance or treat.The quantities used to treat or ‘prevent’ disease are very detectable and policies are in place for those animals processed at CFIA rated facilities to mitigate those values from passing through the food chain. For the most part this is done by withholding use for an extended period of time prior to slaughter. The low level transmission through the food chain is of most concern because it occurs at nearly undetectable levels letting bacterium to evolve against their use and become resistant.
– Unless you are using CERTIFIED ORGANIC and ANTIBIOTIC tested meats you should assume that they have been used at some point in the production of product. Even organic products may contain some residual antibiotics because of disease treatment.
– Products consumed at residual levels of antibiotic will not show a positive result in the person or animal consuming them.
– Be aware of the difference between the statements “Antibiotic Free” and “Free of Antibiotics” they are not the same (or more importantly should not be used as the same). “Antibiotic Free” means that at no time were antibiotics used in the production of the animals. “Free of Antibiotics” usually means that the animals have been processed using current practices (and may not have had antibiotics prophylactically added to the feed) to allow time for elimination of antibiotics in the animals prior to slaughter.

So in summary…

If the products used to make the pet food is from a CFIA rated facility you can be confident that none of these products will present in your pets. Using products from inspected facilities will ensure the sources of the materials used in the production of the pet food. If you are purchasing product based on claims be sure that they carry/have the Organic Certification.

…As for Mountain Dog Food we only use products from CFIA rated facilities. We are inspected by a third party for verification of our sources and compliance with the GMP’s set out in the Guidelines from the Canadian Association of Raw Pet Food Manufacturers ( An important consideration as well; for ensuring the product was made/packaged using methods/processes to mitigate or reduce bacterial pathogens, being passed to, or growing in the food. As such we confident that our products will meet the standards required by your group.

Hope this helps you and your group with their choices…

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