Information Haliburton World Championship

The complete race information should be posted shortly on the Event Organizers website


Credits to Desiree Nickerson Photography

Credits to Desiree Nickerson Photography


Classes Offered and Distances

Trail maps to be posted soon


  • Skijoring 1 dog (Men and Women)- 12.26km – 7.62miles
  • Skijoring Juniors (Men and Women) – 12.26km – 7.62miles
  • Skijoring 2 dogs (Men and Women) – 15.1km – 9.28miles
  • Pulka 1 dog (Men and Women) – 12.26km – 7.62miles
  • Combined 1 dog (Men, Women)  – 7.23km loop x2 – 4.49miles loop x2
  • Combined Junior – 5km loop x2 – 3.12miles loop x2

Sprint Team Sled

  • 4 dog – 7.23km – 4.49miles
  • 4 dog Junior – 6.8km – 4.2miles
  • 4 dog mass start
  • 6 dog – 12.26km – 7.62miles
  • 8 dog – 15.1km – 9.28miles
  • Unlimited – 23.74km – 14.75miles

Sprint Relay

  • 1 dog skijoring
  • 2 dog skijoring
  • 4 dog sled

Mid-distance Team Sled

  • 6 dog – 54.3km – 33.74miles
  • 8 dog (pool of 12 dogs) – 81.4km – 50.58miles

Long Distance 12 dogs – 374km – 232.39 miles

Nordic Pure Breed

  • NPB will be awarded seperately for classes presenting sufficient NPB participation
  • A class is rated separately only if there are at least five (5) teams starting in the first heat of
    that elite / veteran classes, and three (3) teams starting in the junior class.

Participant Age category


Note: The age of a competitor is considered the same during a racing season. It is the age the competitor reaches on the 31. of December following the end of the racing season.



Sprint rules

Race Rules

Mid Distance and Distance Rules

Download the PDF file .

Medicine Prescribed by Physician or Veterinarian:

  • If your application is accepted and you or any of your dogs are taking any prescription medication:
    • You will need proof of this from your physician or veterinarian
    • You will need to complete a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) form (for yourself only)
  • Please be aware that you and/or any of your dogs may be selected for drug testing under the guidelines of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the WADA Anti-Doping Code and the Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures of IFSS. The IFSS Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures are available on the IFSS website (


All dogs must have valid proof of rabbies vaccination.

Dogs may be required to have 5 way vaccination (to be confirmed at later date)


IFSS requires all dogs participating to World Champinship event to be microchipped . Microchips must be ISO compatible.

Race Entry Fees

  • Your application form must be sent with a $30 non refundable payment to cover your application processing fee.
  • Race fees have not been released yet


$40,000 CAD  – This is the minimum purse to be distributed, amount may increase as we get closer to the event date.


Some lodging options are offered by the race organizer

The Haliburton region is a cottage region and you may want to explore cottage rental options.

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