Understanding IFSS Pre-selections

Pre-Selections Rule:

The Pre-selection Rule is defined in the IFSS World Cup Rules, Chapter H is of particular interest:


1. Final standings and current rankings are based on the Individual Scores of all competitors in all Races during the same season in the same class or group of classes (see chapter J below). The Individual Score is the sum of each competitor’s best 5 RPS (Race Point Scores) for the season and to date, respectively.

2. In any class there must be races on two continents for global titles and awards to be presented in that class. Otherwise only WCp Continental titles and awards will be presented.

3. The top 3 overall World Cup ranked competitors and the number one continental World Cup competitors in each class will be preselected in their class by IFSS for the following World Championship. These selections will not be considered part of (not deducted from) their National Member’s allocations (national contingent)

How to understand “Pre-Selections”:

  • The Pre-Selections are  based solely on World Champion Titles and World Cup points. World Cup points are collected at IFSS sanctioned races if you have a DID
  • “Preselection” does not mean automatic selection. A preselected athlete must be selected by his/her national federation to enter a World Championship. He/she cannot enter directly. It is up to the national federation to decide on the selection criteria for that athlete. Pre-selected athlete must still apply with there National Federation
  • The Pre-selected Athletes do not count in the allocation of athletes a National Federation can select to represent the country at World Championships. Example:  If the limit of athlete a  National Federation can send to Wch is 3 athletes and 2 athletes from that country were pre-selected, the National federation can send a total of 5 athletes. If any of the pre-selected athlete or its National Federation decides they that they will not compete at World Championships, that athletes position can NOT be filled in by someone else.

What are the “Pre-Selection” criteria:

Gold Medal Winners

Any gold medal winner from the previous World Championship is presented as “Pre-Selected” to his/her National Federation in the class for which the athlete was awarded the title

World Cup Points

Based on the Final World Cup Results of the seasons leading to a World Championship these athletes are presented as “Pre-Selected” to there National Federation in the class for which they tallied points:

  • The three (3) top point leaders worldwide for each category
  • The one (1) top point leader of each of the six continental regions for each category (Note that 3 of them will be already pre-selected as world wide point leaders and pre-selection does not get awarded down to the second continental point leader).


If any Canadian is one of the 3 overall World Cup ranked competitors and/or the 1 top North American ranked competitor or has won a gold medal at the last World Championship in a certain class he/she is considered pre-selected by IFSS for the next World Championship in that class. (But still has to apply with it’s National Federation)

These Pre-selections do not take away any chances of selection by the National Federation for other applicants. Pre-selections are “bonus selections”

Note that World Cup participation conditions have changed between the season 2013-2014 and the season 2014-2015. Starting in 2014, athletes were required to purchase a DID and race sanctioning became free of charge for race organizers.


Not only the preselected athletes will be participating in the World Championships.

Each federation is allocated a number of participants to be sent to the competition.

For a summary of the complete selection rules : http://canada-mushing.ca/summary-of-official-selection-commitee-rules/

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