IFSS Pre Selected Athletes Have Been Announced!!

List of Canadian Pre Selected Athletes for Bristol World Championship:

World Cup 2013-2014

  • Karen Koehler – 1 Dog Scooter (Continental 1st) – Bikejoring Women (Continental 1st)
  • Ludovic Couleaux – 2 Dog Scooter (Continental 1st)
  • Michael Roux – Bikejoring Men (Continental 1st)
  • Mark Ovenden – Canicross Men (Continental 1st)
  • Joanie Girouard – Canicross Women (Continental 1st)

World Cup 2014-2015

  • Laurent Gonselin – Rig 8 dogs (2nd World)
  • Ken Bernard – Rig 4 dogs (3rd World)
  • Sebastien Clement – Bikejoring Men (1st World) – Canicross Men (1st World)
  • Murielle Ovenden – Bikejoring Women – Canicross Women (2nd World)
  • Blair Carroll – Canicross Men (3rd World)
  • Nicolas Belanger – Canicross Men Junior (3rd World)
  • Claudia Hanel – 1 dog scooter (2nd World)

Note that World Cup participation conditions have changed between the season 2013-2014 and the season 2014-2015. Starting in 2014, athletes were required to purchase a DID and race sanctioning became free of charge for race organizers.

For a better understanding of IFSS Pre-selections Go Here

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