Help plan for Ft McMurray mushers affected by fires – Donate

CAHDS loves all the harness dogs in Canada.

Right now setting up a plan to support those displaced from Ft McMurray are the focus of CAHDS directors.


Here is a quick and rough ‘plan’


Trust Fund

CAHDS will create a trust fund intended for the benefit of the displaced mushers from the Ft. McMurray fire.

The funds will be used for the assistance of mushers in rebuilding kennels and purchasing supplies for their dogs.

The use of the funds will be done on authorization of one director of CAHDS and Maude Lapointe who has generously stepped forward as a key player in the project.

While all attempts will be made to treat the displaced mushers equally, the discretion is with CAHDS on disbursement of the funds.  Any funds that might remain after purchaser of any supplies will be divided equally between the dispersed mushers and paid in cash.

CAHDS will try to make best use of the funds by leveraging its social media platform to raise the funds.

CADHS will try to make best use of the funds by leveraging its position with suppliers who will be asked to offer matching in kind donations or wholesale pricing or other donation.  CAHDS will recognize the suppliers who contribute by way of posting on social media etc.

CAHDS is a not for profit corporation federally and is not a charity.  No Charitable receipts can be provided.

If you would like to donate and help mushers and there dogs displaced from Ft McMurray fire use our donate button. CAHDS pledges all donated funds received will be used for the mushers in need of help as previously described.


Updates on the mushers receiving help will be provided within the individuals wish for privacy

If  you have trouble with the paypal button you may use this link :

Donate for the Fort McMurray displaced mushers


If you don’t have a paypal account or credit card, or prefer to donate by ETransfer you may do so at


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