Haliburton World Championship selection applications – Distance & Mid distance

The Team Canada selection process for athletes who wish to represent their country at the upcoming World Championships in Haliburton, Ontario is being extended for Distance and Mid distance classes

All applications must be received and complete by September 30th

Please read through the whole page to ensure a complete understanding of the information and steps required. We understand that we are asking for a lot of information but we are committed to proceed with a fair selection process by taking in consideration all achievements as well as your World Cup ranking if you have raced on the IFSS circuit with a DID

You will need to fill an on-line application form and pay your application processing fee. To support your application we will ask you to email the following to registrations@canada-mushing.ca:

Race results from the past two years

  • Please provide your relevant race results for each class you are applying for, by downloading, filling and emailing back the document provided.
  • Fill a separate race result document for each class as a different committee will be selecting each different class.
  • Save the document with the class and your name. Example: scooter2_johnsmith.xls

Link to dowload Race result spreadsheet

Supporting information

You may add supporting information to your application. Email any information that you feel will enhance your application. If you attach files, make sure all are identified with your name in the file name.

  • Training Log: Include weekly/ monthly summaries including time/distance/terrain/ and activity for you and your dog(s).You may also include links to short videos of you training with your dog(s).
  • Links to relevant personal racing results (egs. Running or skiing results for skiing fitness, biking for bikejoring fitness) and off season dog race results for classes applied for.
  • A personal statement outlining your desire to represent Team Canada, your expected goals and plans to support the CAHDS community.
  • Information about your dog/dogs

Please note that the selection rules are intended to set an objective standard to be applied by a committee. Personal lobbying or private messaging on applications is not appropriate and we ask that potential applicants refrain from same.

You need to be a CAHDS member to submit an application, Join CAHDS here

If you are selected, you will need a DID to compete at the world championships. You may get your DID now or later Get your DID here

 You will find a complement of race information bellow the form – including all specific rules relative to mid distance and long distance at bottom of page


Selection process application form, Haliburton Snow 2017


    Fromulaire Candidatures pour selections, Haliburton Snow 2017


      Personal Information



      • You can not compete for Canada if you are not a Canadian citizen or Canadian landed immigrant or have been a permanent resident of Canada for the past 24 month. Your application can not be considered.
      • You can not compete for two countries over the same racing year! Your application cannot be considered.
        As per section 1.4 in the CAHDS’s Selection Rules for IFSS World Championships On-Snow and Dryland, a racer cannot compete for two different teams (i.e. Countries) in the same racing year at International events.

      Class Registration

      • For athlete age qualification, please refer to table below







      Use the paypal Button only if you submitted your form and failed to get redirected to paypal

      Application Check List:

      1. CAHDS membership

      2. Fill the “Team Canada application, Haliburton 2017” form

      3. Pay $30 application processing fee

      4. Download, fill and save your 2 past years Race Results Spreadsheet

      5. Email supporting information to registrations@canada-mushing.ca

      6. If you get selected, you will have to ask a DID within two weeks of being notified.


      Additional Information

      Race Schedule


      Number of Canadian Candidates selected:

      • We currently do not have the official number of Canadian participants that CAHDS will be granted to select but we can assure you that there will be more than the standard limit of 3 + the pre selected athletes.
      • After all federations have provided the number of athletes selected to participate, Canada may be asked to select some extra participants to fill the classes. Extra participants would be selected among original applicants.
      • We remind you that this is a World Championship. Therefore all participants and there dogs are expected to have racing experience and dogs in 1 and 2-dog classes are expected to be capable of participating in multiple team or mass starts without interfering with other teams. If you believe you have necessary experience and wish to participate, we encourage you to apply.

      Race Entry Fees

      • Your application form must be sent with a $30 non refundable payment to cover your application processing fee.
      • Race fees have not been released yet

      Medicine Prescribed by Physician or Veterinarian:

      • If your application is accepted and you or any of your dogs are taking any prescription medication:
        • You will need proof of this from your physician or veterinarian
        • You will need to complete a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) form (for yourself only)
      • Please be aware that you and/or any of your dogs may be selected for drug testing under the guidelines of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the WADA Anti-Doping Code and the Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures of IFSS. The IFSS Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures are available on the IFSS website (www.sleddogsport.com)


      All dogs must have valid proof of rabbies vaccination


      IFSS requires all dogs participating to World Champinship event to be micro-chipped . Microchips must be ISO compatible


      IFSS world championships are raced under IFSS rules, if you are used to race under different rules, we encourage you to become familiar with IFSS rules and equipment requirements.

      Additional race rules specific to mid distance and long distance in document below:

      Download the PDF file .


      For more information Here

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