First selections and preselections

The Canadian Association of Harness Dog Sports is honored to announce the top 3 selections and preselected athletes approved by the CAHDS selection committee to represent Canada at the 2017 International Federation of Sleddog Sports World Championships in Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve Ltd, Ontario.


All selected applicants will be receiving an email confirming there selection.

If you are not on the list:

If you are not on this list you may still be getting your participation approved at a later date. We will be announcing more selections when we get confirmation of extra participant allowance and/or as current selected athletes withdraw.

As host country Canada will be entitled to fill additional spots but we can not announce any more team members at this time. Unfortunately we need to hear from other countries before we can be allocated more participation, so there will be a delay in finalizing the team.

Applicants that are not on the list of pre selected or top 3 ranked are currently still on the list of potential participants in there ranking order (as ranked by selection committee). All applicants will be personally emailed  with details.
New selections will be announced as any of the two following happens:

  1. Currently selected athletes withdraw from participating or fail to confirm within deadline
  2. Canada gets allocated opportunity for more participants

Keep training and be optimistic about being part of the team and that it may be as late as December that we can confirm with them.

If you have any questions please email

CAHDS Pre-Selection and Selection
Round One – IFSS World Championships
Team Canada for Haliburton, Ontario

Category Name
Sp4 Luke Siertsema
  Rosalie Morin
  Kayla Broom
  Robin Gratton
Sp4 NRB Laurel Turansky
  Mark Clement
  Lisa DeGennaro
  Francis Hamel
Sp4 Mass Start Luke Siertsema
  Rosalie Morin Dore
  Leonie Morin Dore
Unlimited Rejean Therrien
  Bernard Saucier
  Ken Bernard
  Guy Girard
  Claude Bellerive
1 Dog Ski – Men Louis Parent
  Michael Roux
  Francis Gelinas
  Ludovic Coulaux
  Dana Luck
2 Dog Ski-Men Francis Gelinas
  Louis Parent
  Dana Luck
Sp6 Valerie Fuchs
  Rosalie Morin-Dore
  Melaine Bellerive
  Jean-Rene Saucier
  Luke Siertsema
  Kati Dagenais
Sp6 NRB Laurel Turansky
  Lisa DeGennaro
  Francis Hamel
  Mark Clements
  Jenny Ross
Sp8 Jean Rene-Saucier
  Yvan Huard
  Jean Bouvier
  Kati Dagenais
  Alexandre Potvin
  Rejean Therrien
1 Dog Ski- Women Laurence Saucier
  Albine Devinant
  Flavie Morin-Dore
  Karen Koehler
  Maude LaPointe
  Marie P Rodrigue
2 Dog Ski- Women Karen Koehler
  Laurence Saucier
  Carolyn Lachanc
Combined Womens Karen Koehler
  Susanna Kelly
  Katherine Spencer
6 Dog Mid-Distance Keri Buttle
  Fanny Houle
  Justin Fortier
8-12 Dog Mid-Distance Jake Golton
  Eli Golton
  Anna Bolvin
LDU Gavin Baker
  Martin Massicote
  Andre Longchamps
Pulka Mens Michael Roux
  Francis Gelinas
  Dana Luck
Pulka Womens Karen Koehler
  Katherine Spencer
  Susannah Kelly
Combined Mens Ludovic Colaux
  Michael Roux
  Francis Gelinas
Ski-Jor Men Junior Nathan Groin
4 Dog Sprint Mathieu Daguerre
Ski-jor Womens Maria Perrin

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