Do you need a Therapeutic Use Exemption ?


All athletes that will be competing at the IFSS World Championsips are responsible for having full knowledge of, and following the Anti-Doping Rules are sport rules governing the Harness Dog sports. Antidoping rules apply to both, the human and canine athlete.

Please review IFSS Anti-Doping Rules:

What to do if you are (or suspect you are) using a prescribed or non prescribed banned substance?

The first step is to confirm the status of the medication you are using

  • Not all prescription medication requires a TUE
  • Some non prescription medications will also appear on the list
  • Some substances are banned for use during the event only but remember that even if you don’t take a substance the day of the race your body will keep residual traces of the substances and you can still test positive.
  1. You may review the lists of prohibited substances at the IFSS Anti-Doping Rules page
  2. You should also double check the medication you suspect may be prohibited by using this page on this list you will not find a  specific for “sleddogs” so you have to look for Equestrians or Skiing (cross country)

Further information from the IFSS ADCom

“Before you apply for a TUE, either from your NADO or from the IFSS TUEC, after you have checked and found your actual medication on the Global Drug Reference Online , you should consult your prescribing physician and check, if you, without negative effects, can change medication into something not on the list.

That can, for example, be possible with asthma inhalators, among which nowadays only one is forbidden, and with blood pressure medication, if it happens to be a diuretikum, which always is forbidden, as it can mask other prohibited use. There are lots of other not prohibited blood pressure medications, which may be as functional as the diuretikum, if you only ask and tell the physician about your sport activities. There are other examples as well, and this should always be a mandatory step in the TUE process, to save time, efforts and costs of a TUE. But of course not by side-stepping the optimal health status of the athlete in question.

Bring the Global DRO website address to your physician to be able to check immediately, when the physician suggests something else.

The sports mentioned below, equestrians and skiing, are only examples of sports, which I know have only the same main WADA prohibited list as we have, without any additional substances, specific for that sport (for example ß-blockers and alcohol in shooting sports).”

If you need to apply for a TUE

  • You will have to download and fill  as precisely as possible the TUE form available for download from the following link –> DOPING CONTROL-TUE Form
  • In the first box of the form, which asks for “Reason not to use the NADO/RADO for application” write : ” CAHDS not member of CCES, Application with Canadian NADO too costly ” .
  • Return to the Anti-Doping Committee as instructed on the form.
  • The TUEC (Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee) has at least one month to take a decision after receipt of the request for TUE. In case you need to take arrangements for the WCh in Bristol if the TUE request is rejected, you will need to send the filled TUE Form ASAP in order to be processed.


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