Distance and Mid-Distance classes – Extended registrations for Haliburton World Championships

We have extended the period of registrations for distance and Mid-distance classes

To register for selections:

 Distance and Mid-distance Registrations




Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve , Ontario

Race Schedule


Number of Canadian Candidates selected:

  • We currently do not have the official number of Canadian participants that CAHDS will be granted to select but we can assure you that there will be more than the standard limit of 3 + the pre selected athletes.
  • After all federations have provided the number of athletes selected to participate, Canada may be asked to select some extra participants to fill the classes. Extra participants would be selected among original applicants.
  • We remind you that this is a World Championship. Therefore all participants and there dogs are expected to have racing experience and dogs in 1 and 2-dog classes are expected to be capable of participating in multiple team or mass starts without interfering with other teams. If you believe you have necessary experience and wish to participate, we encourage you to apply.

Race Entry Fees

  • Your application form must be sent with a $30 non refundable payment to cover your application processing fee.
  • Race fees have not been released yet

Medicine Prescribed by Physician or Veterinarian:

  • If your application is accepted and you or any of your dogs are taking any prescription medication:
    • You will need proof of this from your physician or veterinarian
    • You will need to complete a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) form (for yourself only)
  • Please be aware that you and/or any of your dogs may be selected for drug testing under the guidelines of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the WADA Anti-Doping Code and the Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures of IFSS. The IFSS Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures are available on the IFSS website (www.sleddogsport.com)


All dogs must have valid proof of rabbies vaccination


IFSS requires all dogs participating to World Champinship event to be micro-chipped . Microchips must be ISO compatible.


IFSS world championships are raced under IFSS rules, if you are used to race under different rules, we encourage you to become familiar with IFSS rules and equipment requirements.

Additional race rules specific to mid distance and long distance in document below:

Download the PDF file .

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