CAHDS Critical Dates 2018

ACCREDITATION DATES  for race applications review and approval by AEC and IFSS


Spring Dyrland accreditation application  January 8,2018

Fall Dryland accreditation application June 15,2018

Winter accreditation application October 1,2018


AEC Task- Criteria for Championship to be completed and announced – March 29,2018



Winter (to be held in the calendar year of 2019) May 16,2018

Dryland (to be held in the calendar year of 2019) July 16,2018


AEC  requests each race considering approval for the National Championship will need  to provide a detailed proposal to why they should earn it, what they can provide, trail maps, elevations, and site location  with parking and safety plan in place.  Emailed to on/or before the deadline date.


** accreditation application dates are based on IFSS newest deadlines.. They are very early please make your events hosts aware. Thank you

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